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3 Fun and Beautiful Crafts to Create With Your Children

15th Sep 2016

Crafting with kids is a great way to tap into their creative sides while simultaneously indulging your own crafty side as well. One thing that can make crafting with your kids even better is if you’re able to make crafts that you’d be proud to hang up around your home or use as decoration. While many kids’ crafts definitely have a homemade feel to them, you can make crafts together that add spunk to your home without feeling like you allowed your three-year-old to be your interior designer. To show you how, here are three fun and beautiful crafts you can create with your children.


Paper Lanterns

Decorating with paper lanterns has become a big trend in recent years, especially when you’re wanting to create a fun, bright atmosphere. While you can buy paper lanterns to string up in your child’s room or back patio, it’s even more fun to make these decorations your own with your kids. Or, if you’re short on time and attention spans, shares that you can simply decorate pre-made lanterns. All you need is a glue gun and craft items like crepe-paper, string, and buttons to make lovely custom paper lanterns for any occasion.

Yarn Boards

If your family has a word or phrase that represents you, one way you can implement this into your home decor is to craft a visual representation of this word on a yarn board. Lauren Piro, a contributor to Good Housekeeping, shares that all you need for this craft is a piece of wood, nails, a hammer, and some yarn. Unless your kids are older, you’re going to want to hammer the nails into the wood yourself in the outline of the letters for your word or phrase. Once that part’s done, your kids can choose the colors for the letters and start wrapping the yarn around the outline of each letter. Hang this piece of art on a wall or stand it up on a decorative table.

Seasonal Rag Wreaths

A simple yet so adorable craft to try with your kids is to make seasonal rag wreaths to hang on doors around your home. These crafts are so fun that it’s a good thing you can change up their design to match any holiday or season you celebrate. Jessica Kesterson, a contributor to HGTV, shares that all the supplies you need for this project are scraps of fabric, scissors, and an embroidery hoop. Your kids can have fun picking the fabrics, cutting the pieces, and tying them to the hoop to make a lovely and heartfelt wreath for friends and family to enjoy when they visit your home.

If you’re looking to bring in some new decor to your home that’s both inexpensive and made with love, try some of these crafts with your kids next weekend.

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