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3 Family Stressors To Handle Quickly and Completely

26th Jul 2019

Stress is a natural part of life. Family stress can feel even closer to your heart. That’s why if there’s any chance that you can find out what your major stressors are and eliminate them quickly and completely, it will allow your family unit to operate much more smoothly.

In particular, you can think of three ways that stress can put a hardship on your family. First of all, if any member of your family has a financial claim out there that is denied, that can be very painful socially and economically. Secondly, if there are child custody disagreements anywhere within your family, that can break people into very bitter psychological camps. 

In the end, if you have the option to bring family stress to the surface and then go to family therapy, that can prevent years of negative feelings toward each other. This can really limit some of the horizontal and vertical stress that occurs daily.

Denied Financial Claims

If anyone in your family has ever gotten a denied financial claim, for example, if they were denied their Social Security disability benefits, you know how distracting that can be. If a person is on a fixed income, not having that money come in can mean the difference between being able to pay bills and not. Because of this, the stress can be enormous. 

It can be difficult to talk directly to the people in charge of disability claims, so with the matter of patients to try to get through to all of the required personnel.

Child Custody Disagreements

Any disagreements about child custody cause stress within the family. Individual family members will be closer to other family members, and when it comes to divorce and child custody, these divisions can be exacerbated. Because of this, any kind of stressors related to where children will live or how much money individual parents will get as alimony can be immense. 

If you recognize where the stress is coming from, you can do your best to make sure everyone is open and honest about their feelings in context, and you can try to mediate the worst aspects of the situation.

Family Therapy Solutions

If you find that some aspect of stress is creating deep divisions in your family, maybe you want to corral everyone together and go to a family therapy session. These can be very tense. But if everyone has the option to communicate openly with each other, a lot of the core reasons that your family members aren’t getting along can come to light. 

Once everything is out in the open, that’s when you can begin to fix the stresses that your family goes through. If everyone keeps their feelings hidden, that’s when you have generations of family members that all harbor resentment toward each other.

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