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3 Family Friendly Holidays to Try in 2016

30th Dec 2015

Traveling with your family is always a good idea and it provides you with the opportunity to bond with each other and create memories that will be forever treasured. To have a good time, however, it is important to think about your destinations wisely, especially if there are children traveling with you. Keeping children occupied can often be a challenge; this is why you should find a place where there are activities that people of all ages can enjoy. With this in mind, keep on reading and learn more about some of the holidays that will be best for families in 2016.

Greek Island Holiday


For those who are looking for the best family vacations, Greece is one paradise that has a lot to offer, especially in terms of beaches. For those who love sun, sea and sand, Greece has a variety of islands for you to choose from, with many of which being welcoming even for children. Rhodes is one of the beaches that should be considered, which is known for its excellent and safe water, as well as its rich history. Corfu on the other hand, has open-air cinemas during the summer season. Crete is perfect for family holidays and does not only have breathtakingly beautiful beaches, but also exciting waterpark and giant aquarium. With high-end spas on the island, parents can also have a relaxing time as they get pampered while kids enjoy the sandy beaches.

Theme Park Escape in Florida


If there is one thing that both adults and kids will love, it will be theme parks. With such, there is no other place that could offer much fun and diversity as Florida, specifically in Orlando. If you are a family who loves thrilling rides, plan a holiday in Florida. Walt Disney World, of course, should not be missed. This will provide kids with the opportunity to see their favorite Disney characters on a grand parade with matching spectacular fireworks display. Universal Orlando Resort should also be part of your itinerary. Inside the park, you can see Islands of Adventure, where you can see the best Marvel characters. For some fun with water activities, Wet ‘n Wild is one more place that you should visit. Wake boarding, raft adventures, and giant water slides are just some of the things that you can expect in this park. 

Villa Holiday in Tuscany


Tuscany has always been a favorite Italian destination, because of its rich culture, cuisine and plentiful wine cellars. Nonetheless, do not make the mistake of thinking that it is good just for adults. Even children can have fun here, making Tuscan villas ideal for family holidays. For the best experience book a villa where you can enjoy utmost privacy. There are restaurants, bookstores, parks and other attractions that will cater to the needs of kids. Even the weather will prove to be lovely almost any time of the year. Regardless of where specifically on the province you decide to head, you will not run out of things that can be enjoyed. Of course, never leave Tuscany without a visit to its popular vineyards, which can offer more than just fine wines.

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