The Effect Of Drugs On Your Family

19th Mar 2017

Drugs are bad for you. You’ve heard it all before. They damage your body and your mind, they steal your money and sometimes even your life. Addiction is an illness, but it is an illness you can recover from if […]

What Can An Orthodontist Do For You

17th Mar 2017

Image by Wishard of Oz via Flickr An Orthodontist is a dental health expert who helps straighten a person’s teeth and prevent the irregularities of the teeth using braces, retainers and other devices. They help to keep the teeth healthy […]

Human Appeal on the famine in South Sudan

10th Mar 2017

Earlier this year, famine was declared in South Sudan. The United Nations (UN) recently warned that the combination of war and the collapse of the economy in the country has left 100,000 men, women and children facing starvation, while The […]