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10 Ways to Say I Love You This Summer

11th Jun 2018

To have somebody say they love you is the best feeling you can have, although saying it back can be just as rewarding. However, repeating the words wash them out with time, so it’s up to those who are in love to find other ways to express their love for somebody. Fortunately, communicating love doesn’t come down to that one phrase. It doesn’t even have to come down to words. Here are ten ways to show you love somebody this summer.

Little surprises

By surprising your partner from time to time, you’ll show them that you care for them and think of them even when they don’t expect you to. Put a candy bar or a note with a little heart in their bag before they go to the office, so that they find it when the morning gets hectic and think of the calmness they feel around you. Be outside their office at lunchtime with their favorite sandwich in the bag, or send them flowers when they least expect it, out of the blue and with no reason whatsoever, other than to show them your love.

A touch of a hand

When you watch a film, walk through the streets or parks, or when you’re waiting in a cue to get your favorite band tickets, make sure you’re holding hands or are physically connected in any other way. The physical contact can promote emotional closeness and strengthen your relationship.

Leaving your comfort zone

It’s nice doing things for your partner that you enjoy as well, but what would really show them how much you care is to do something that you don’t really like doing to please them. Get on that motorbike, even if you fear it a little, or go on that rollercoaster ride, even if you don’t like heights. If it means a lot to your partner, they will appreciate it and know that you truly love them.

Cleaning up

Neither of you likes vacuuming, dusting or doing the washing up, but it still has to get done. See this as another chance to show your love to your partner. Don’t nag about how it’s their cup of coffee, and not yours. Wash those dishes, scrub the bathtub, or do both your laundry. It shows good will and that you care enough to do the things you actually dislike for the sake of your relationship.

Saying it with a present

Giving presents to the person you love can be a wonderful thing, but it can also cause headaches when you have to choose something. One way to go about this is to make the present yourself. For instance, you can frame some of your photos together or refurbish an old piece of furniture for them. Another way is to get them something small, but lovely, such as the fragrant L’Occitane Arlesienne shower gel or hand cream. The trick is not to wait for a special occasion, but give your present on any Monday or Thursday, just to state your love through it.

Staying in touch

You don’t have to wait for something significant to happen to call or text your partner. Sending a text message, an e-mail or giving them a short call with no particular reason will surely make them smile, knowing that you love them. You can simply tell them you’re thinking of them, that you’re always there for them, or that you can’t wait to see them in the afternoon.

Saying ‘Thank you’

When you do something for your partner, you like them to notice it and appreciate it. It’s the same with your partner. Don’t take for granted the things they do for you. No matter how busy your day is and how tired or nervous you get, when they do something for you, acknowledge it by saying thanks with all your body. Look straight into their eyes as you say it, smile at them, hug them, wrap yourself around them, or kiss them to show your gratitude. It will allow positive energy to flow through both of you, making you happier and more satisfied.

Mindful gestures

Stating your love without using words can also be done through small, mindful gestures. Open the door for your partner, wake up a few minutes earlier and make coffee for the both of you, or leave them the last piece of cake. Drive them to work, help them put on their coat before they leave the house in the morning and tell them how grateful you are for having them in your life. It’s the little thoughts that count.

Listening carefully

When your partner has something to say to you, put away everything you’re doing and listen. Give them your undivided and uninterrupted attention, so that they know that their thoughts, problems and words matter to you. By listening to them, you show how important they are to you and how much you value them. Plus, you should show you’re listening by offering some input of your own, your opinion on the situation they’re describing or a possible solution to their problem. Even if you can’t assist them in solving their issues, knowing they have your support and attention will be help enough.

Loving somebody is what makes life worth living, so don’t hesitate to show your love whenever and however you can.

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