7 Health Trends You Should Follow in 2017

9th Jan 2017

It’s crucial to lead a healthy lifestyle to be happy from inside out. As 2017 has started, it’s the right time to make some changes in your inferior eating habits and lifestyle. We all crave for getting a toned physique, […]

Two fun recipes for your Air Fryer

9th Jan 2017

Air fryers are a smart and healthy way of frying and cooking your food. They use the most minimum oil possible to fry any food item or dish. An air fryer mainly uses hot circulated air and a few drops […]

Cat or Dog?

29th Dec 2016

According to studies, your choice of pet reveals a lot about your personality. Outgoing people seem to prefer dogs, while introverts tend to choose cats for their companions. Cats and dogs have different characteristics that appeal to different people. If […]

Supplements and Vegan Diet: Yes, Please or No Way?

29th Dec 2016

Many bodybuilders and professional athletes use supplements to max out performance, muscle gains, and nutrient metabolization, but the matter of supplementation gets a whole lot trickier if you throw veganism in the mix. While some vegan athletes swear by a […]

Keep Flu at Bay

29th Dec 2016

Holiday season is in full swing, but there is a downside to all the pretty lights, Christmas songs, and family meals: flu and cold are here as well. This means that in the middle of your favourite movie you will […]

Become a Better Cook

22nd Nov 2016

During your growing years, I am sure we have all seen our mums or someone from our family who doesn’t use a recipe and still manages to cook a delicious meal on a whim, out of whatever ingredient they have. […]