Not Your Mother’s Minivan

30th Jun 2017

I swore when I was a child that I would never be like my mother. How clueless was I at that juncture since maturity has made me her ten fold. Back then, I thought that one was I was definitely […]

The Boss Baby

26th Apr 2017

The Boss Baby has been released in United Kingdom. This movie which shows the secretive lives of baby promises to plunge watchers into an unknown child-world. The trailer of this long-awaited movie has been released long ago, and it has […]

Cool, Random Items You Can at Best Buy

23rd Dec 2015

Everybody has their favorite stores. For most women, it’s Target…or Ulta. For men, it’s Best Buy. Guys usually could care less about shopping, and generally hate spending their precious time in a department store, waiting for their girlfriend, or wife, […]