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The Mobile Home Life

29th Aug 2017

No matter where we live, whether we like it or not, we call it home. It is our escape from the world many times and where we feel most accepted. It is our world where we run the show. Some […]

3 Tips For Planning a Wedding With Kids

29th Aug 2017

In this modern age, many couples no longer make the traditional choice of waiting to have kids until after marriage.  It is not uncommon for couples to have kids before deciding to take their vows.  Having little ones around while […]

Exceptional tips for bedroom decoration

2nd Aug 2017

For many people, the bedroom is the most cherished room in the home. It’s a place where you can do just about everything besides cooking—study, eat, play, watch movies, read books, and of course sleep. It’s the space where you […]

Health Decisions To Make Your Teens Happy

27th Jul 2017

When parents have a child who becomes a teenager, there are lots of things that change. However, one thing that doesn’t change is the need to keep your child healthy. And even if your teenager resists some aspects of health, […]

Bargain Hunting Gone SERIOUS!

25th Jul 2017

As selfish as I’d really like to believe I can be at times (by mommy standards, of course), the truth is your family just comes first, with the kids leading the way. You cannot help but make every single decision […]